american eagle outfitters

I began my career at AEO where I took every project I could to learn as much as I could. Teaching myself and learning from the other developers quickly progressed my career. Starting as a junior, I was promoted level by level to lead within four years. I've highlighted a few of my projects which span my time at AEO.

AEO App Interface
Live Your Life Feature
Stop Animation Jean Guide
Parallax Gift Guide
Panorama Shorts Guide
Aerie Bra Guide
Dynamic Carousel Gift Guide
77Kids Sweepstakes Word Count

urban impact

A Christian organization in Pittsburgh's Northside, Urban Impact helps the surrounding community by providing an outreach program to at-risk youth.

To provide this outreach, their employees need proper training. I was contracted to create a website that employees could view the training materials and then answer a small questionaire afterwards.

With a combination of PHP and JS, I was able to create this website that allows an administrator to create, delete and update entire training modules. From pdf documents to youtube videos, the admin has full control of the module. Once a user finishes the training module, an automatic email is sent to Urban Impact providing their answers and information.

calvary united methodist church

One of the most beautiful gothic churches you'll find, Calvary United Methodist Church is a historic landmark for the city of Pittsburgh. While attending here, I wanted to do my part and decided to donate my time to create a better web presence for them.

meter feeder

An up and coming app being developed by a local "Pittsburgher," Meter Feeder allows you to pay for your metered parking from your phone.

I was contracted to create a few responsive layouts for this app which would be templated and used across the board. This was my first true app work and I look forward to learning more of this type of development.

american business resource

A local company looking to expand their business through the web, American Business Resource, LLC is providing a number of services to its customers.

When finished, this site will feature credit card processing, a shopping cart and user database.

duquesne university

While working at Duquesne University, the Gumberg library was wanting to improve their web experience, so we conducted several user experience tests deciding what were the strengths and weaknesses of the site. In addition to this, I thought it would be a good idea to have a mobile resource for students to access the library's database. Once approved, I was able to design and code the first and (currently) only mobile site for Duquesne University.

miss dj flow

During my graduate program, I met Lauren Lancia or Miss DJ Flow. She had asked me if I would be willing to create a showcase site for her to help advertise her talents. This site was done with HTML5 taking advantage of its video and audio capabilities. It was coded for the more current browsers to get the best experience. The site includes inline video, a custom made audio player and social integration.


While playing for the Highlanders Rugby Club, I noticed their website needed a little attention. I brought it to the attention of the club president and they hired me to update their web presence. While this site is rather simple, it has a few extras including a custom carousel, Google calendar integration and a pre-selected contact form.

gumberg library | duq

During graduate school at Duquesne University, I was hired as a graduate assistant for Fr. Bernard Kelly, a Spiritan Priest. The main objective of this position was to improve the accessibilty and layout of the Spiritan Writings database. Because of the content management system, I was very limited in what I could affect but I was able to improve their layouts, accessibilty and designs.