Chemo Comfort Care Totes

What are Chemo Comfort Care Totes?

Starting with 48 totes in 2017 and growing to over 1,300, each tote is hand-packed by volunteers and delivered to chemotherapy patients all around the Greensburg, PA area. The items are purchased via donations and include everything from blankets to word puzzles to knitted hats.

The totes can be sponsored in honor or memory of someone special and even come with a personalized tag.

Why do we do this?

Unfortunately for many, the only way to battle cancer is through chemotherapy, a lengthy, painful and even lonely process. Chemo Comfort Care Totes is an effort to ease the process by providing some comfort to these brave individuals.

Who are we honoring?

Run by Holly and Craig Hallman, David Carr and Carr's sons, Eli and Grant, this collaboration has turned into an annual charity event in memory of two people who have greatly affected countless lives.

Carolyn Carr - 11/26/18

Catherine Hallman - 9/2/20

How can you help?

Sponsor a Bag

$40 per bag. Sponsor as many as you'd like!
Choose between a tote or a bag.
Let us know who it is in memory or honor of.
Can be sponsored anonymously.

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Donate Items

We accept individual/bulk items for the totes as well if you'd prefer.

Email Us @ to coordinate your support!


Donate with PayPal

Choose "send money to family and friends."

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A Message from the Founder

"Through the process of completing this project, I hope to instill into the kids and young adults involved this simple message; as students, you may not have the monetary resources to give a large donation to help others, but you have able bodies and time to give, which goes just as far as money. Kindness is a quality that is often remembered about a person more so than any other quality. As Jennifer Dukes Lee said, 'In a world where you can be anything, be kind.' This project is one that we hope to make ongoing, and we look forward to making it bigger and better each time around."

-Holly Hallman