manager - ui engineering

After obtaining my master's degree in Web Development from Duquesne University, I began my career with American Eagle Outfitters. At AEO, I've learned many aspects of development and continue to discover new practices everyday.

Having the entire web team "in-house," I've had numerous opportunities with both team and individual projects. I've highlighted some of these in this portfolio.


Eagle's Elite

8/30/12 Q2

"Jimmy Hunkele and Michael Hallman were recognized by Roberto Croce and Michael Leedy for their Passion, Innovation and Teamwork. Working above and beyond the call of duty, Jimmy and Michael worked outside of their primary responsibilities to implement Personalized Product Recommendations throughout the AE.COM web experience. Due to their teamwork, this implementation is projected to net over an estimated 12 million in annual revenue and the additional revenue realized has already resulted in significant positive ROI."

Eagle's Elite

12/12/12 Q3

"Lisa Rusciolelli, Mia Federici, Mike Hallman, Steve Brown, Matt Cipperly, Scott Rupnik, Jessica Berlin and Ethan Holland were recognized for their incredible work with the Live Your Life contest. Nominated for their Passion and Teamwork by Roberto Croce and Michael Leedy, this team of associates went above and beyond in both innovative thinking as well as working tirelessly all day, night, and during their weekends to ensure an on-time, successful launch of AE's Live Your Life BTS sweepstakes campaign. Special thanks to Lisa Rusciolelli for her tremendous leadership in this project. Due to their hard work, currently, the contest has generated $961,067 vs last years, $541,696, resulting in a 77.4% increase in comps."


Robert Behary

Systems Librarian - Duquesne University

"Without any reservations, I wish to recommend Michael Hallman to you for any positions you might have available. Michael brings a diverse skill set including experience with graphic design, programming Web applications, and usability testing. While working for me at Duquesne, Michael had several major accomplishments.

Michael developed a mobile Web site for Gumberg Library. Using CSS and Photoshop, Michael developed icons linking to mobile versions of library Web services. He developed forms when appropriate for searching directly from mobile devices, testing for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Michael also designed the graphics and greatly improved the functionality for the Spiritan Collection, a PHP and HTML based application. The application, called CONTENTdm, also required Michael to work with a propitiatory API. The API included only minimal documentation, but Michael mastered it with ease in a short time.

Michael also worked with the SCT Sungard Banner Luminis Content Management System (LCMS). Within the limits of the CMS and Duquesne University's Web templates, Michael made several improvements including standardizing Web conventions, developing graphics, and incorporating Google API into the exisiting Web site. Michael was instrumental in insuring the timely deployment of a completely redesigned Web environment for Gumberg Library.

As part of a team of testers, Michael participated in usability testing for Gumberg Library's new Web site. Using scenario based testing and the Cognitive Walkthrough protocols, Michael extracted data from users that led to improvements in the initial Web site design.

Finally, Michael exhibited professionalism, commitment, and a strong work ethic while at Duquesne. Michael was always on time, professional in appearance, and ready to work. Michael was able to work in both team situations and independently as needed, often taking the initiative to suggest new projects."

Dr. Stephen Whitehead

Associate Provost of Innovation - California University of Pennsylvania

"Michael was a student in several of my classes. He was always prepared for class and often added to the class experience with keen insight on the subject matter. Michael is a highly motivated individual who knew what he wanted and did not hesitate to do whatever it took to achieve that goal. Michael's desire to work in the multimedia field was apparent and he often challenged the faculty to learn more and stay up to date."